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  • Florian Gintenreiter

Introducing Rushes - the Thirdeye blog

During this year's revamp of my website, I moved my site from a self-hosted Wordpress solution to a do-it-yoursef website building service.

I did this mainly because complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with self-hosted solution was above my meager skills in website-building. — the service I use now — offers a decent blogging solution, so I decided to add a blog page to my website.


My goal with this is to publish articles, tutorials, tips, reviews, stories, thoughts and other stuff on a semi-regular basis.

The topics will of course be revolving around our third eyes: cameras, but will also cover other gear, software, services, techniques and all the stuff that I deem relevant for my day-to-day professional life as a filmmaker.

This is certainly not going to be a news- or tech-blog. There are plenty of good ones out there. First and foremost CineD of course — an excellent camera tech site that I can highly recommend. (And not only because I used to write for them a while ago.)

My aim is make this blog more a mix between a resource and a professional diary, if that makes sense. It's an experiment — let's see where it leads to.


"Rushes" are what the British called the initial film prints of a scene or scenes that were sent to editing back in the days of photochemical film.

The Americans call them "Dailies", because they were made every day, so the editor could start assembling what was shot the day before.

Because I was in a British film school and because I will certainly not write a post on a daily basis, I thought Rushes is a nice title for a filmmaking related blog.

So thanks for making it this far and stay tuned — I already have a long list of ideas for articles.

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