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Florian's Portrait

Hi, my name is Florian Gintenreiter

I am an award-winning cinematographer based near Vienna, Austria.

After starting out as editor, I studied cinematography at the London Film School.

Film was my starting point, but I ventured into digital imaging very early on,

I own and operate Netflix approved digital cinema camera packages, lighting- and audio equipment.


Symbolic image of a camera, Image by Billy Freeman


With years of experience and a keen eye for composition, colour and shot dynamic, I'll support capturing the director's vision. From prep to final cut - no matter the size of the project and team.

Sy,bolic image of grading software, Image by Nejc Soklič


A cameraman's work on-set is only half the battle these days. Color Grading makes the footage really shine. I can help by grading for you or by expertly supporting a colorist of your choice.

Symbolic image of editing software, Image by Skye Studios


Being an experienced editor not only helps me shoot the coverage you need how you need it to tell your story, but I can also take care of the editorial of your project.


A1, Agses, A.S.P., Astra Zeneca, ALVA, Austrotherm, Bernd Wolf, Billa, Borealis, Borouge, Bundesheer, Burgenland Tourismus, Boss GP, Channoine, Dimmu Borgir,, Erdgas Auto, Erste Bank, Haas Metal, Internorm, LearnChamp, Leyer+Graf, McDonalds, Mercedes, Nah&Frisch, Neos, Network 21, Optima Med, ORF, OMV, OVP, PIF, Raiffeisen, RizUp, Rock in Vienna, Samsung, Senecura, Stadt Wien, StM Waterjet Group, Telering, TU-Wien, Tyrolia, Universal Music, Vivatis Group, VOST, Wiener Tafel, Wien Holding, Wittmann-Battenfeld, Wiesbauer, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Yo Fruchtsäfte, Youngstyle, Ytong, Zipfer, ZKW Group, ZDF

Note: For most companies or entities listed above, I was hired to do camera- or postproduction work for by third parties, agencies or production companies. These are not clients directly attached to myself.


All films are not made equal. Depending on subject and budget, each type of film requires a unique approach to production, aestethics and logistics. To not compare apples with oranges, I prepared short clips below with examples of my work that might fit the type of your project.


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